Small Group Personal Training Class Description:

Finally an affordable way to get personal training in a group setting – capped at 6 people for safety and attention to personal goals. A fun, dynamic, general strength and conditioning workout including mobility, balance, and flexibility work. Exercises are all scalable and are modified for each client, and each class is tailored to the goals and abilities of the participants. ANY ability level can participate and benefit. Functional movements, weight training, and cardiorespiratory conditioning are combined in various circuit and interval patterns to keep you engaged! Never do the same workout twice – and have fun sweating and interacting with others, while still working at your own ability level. Great for those looking for a blend of strength training, body weight proficiency, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory training to reach their health, fitness, weight loss, strength, or a multitude of other goals. We welcome and can accommodate those with injuries or other limitations! Our small class sizes (capped at 6 participants), ensure you are getting a personalized and safe workout at an affordable cost, while still having FUN and becoming part of a supportive community. All instructors possess a wide range of movement experience and education, and are safety and science-minded, and goal and results driven! Our schedule is demand based, so if you are interested in starting a new class time, please contact us!


To sign up for classes: RSVP for a class by clicking on a class offering in the online scheduler.  If a member, log in to reserve your class times beforehand to save your spot.  If trying a new class, register as a first class trial ($5) or new member.  Contact us directly if you have any questions!